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Case Study

How Hamza built his fortune on Skool

All credit to Hamza

Hamza is a self-improvement content creator, that specialized his content around helping young men achieve shit in their lives.

He has a total following on all relevant platforms of roughly 3 million followers. Additionally, they engage. These are not dead logs in the pond.

Some time ago he thought about monetizing his audience outside of his youtube views and personal mentorships.

So he thought about How can I achieve this?

He came up with the idea of bringing a group of men and woman together and host private meet-ups to grow collectively as a group for more accountability.

Right now It’s 499$ as a startup fee since 500 people are already in there, that number went up from 50$ when he started, after that it’s 99$ a month.

Every Fifty members the onboarding went up by 50$, Let’s do the math:

Every Fifty members the onboarding went up by 50$, Let’s do the math:

The First 500 members brought in

From setup fees

Now, there are 859 members right now, with means that there are 359 people paid tat 499$ of setup as well what counts up to:

That means that he collected a mere $317000 just in setup fees.

Now let’s calculate the monthly fees that he collects from this group alone.

859 * 99$ equals to $85041

He is making $85K from this one group alone, without brand deals. Just him making content, and giving his audience what they want and need most.

But that isn’t the whole story of hamza’s Skool Groups. He’s also got a second one focusing on becoming a strong individual.

His second group focuses on being affordable and getting the smaller things in life done: fitness.

Let’s calculate what he is making from that every month:

So in total from all his communities he is making:

And the best part is, you can do it too. On average 1% of your audience converts.

Use this calculator to figure out how much you could be making with a paid community, just plug in your numbers:

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